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Program Sheet 2010-2011

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    Artificial Intelligence track - Excel ||PDF
    Biocomputation track - Excel ||PDF
    Graphics track - Excel ||PDF
    Human-Computer Interaction track - Excel ||PDF
    Information track - Excel ||PDF
    Systems track - Excel ||PDF
    Theory track - Excel ||PDF
    Unspecialized track - Excel ||PDF
    Individually Designed track - Excel ||PDF

  • Computer Systems Engineering:

    CSE Digital Systems Specialization - Excel ||PDF
    CSE Networking Specialization - ||PDF
    CSE Robotics and Mechatronics Specialization - Excel ||PDF

  • Electrical Engineering (General/Computer Hardware/Computer Software/Controls/Circuits&Devices/Fields&Waves/Signal Processing/Solid State&Photonic Devices): Excel ||PDF
  • Engineering Physics: Excel ||PDF
  • Environmental Engineering: Excel ||PDF
  • IDM Program Sheet: Excel ||PDF
  • Management Science & Engineering: Excel ||PDF
  • Materials Science: Excel ||PDF
  • Mechanical Engineering: Excel ||PDF
  • Product Design: Excel ||PDF