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Transfer Requests

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Transfer Credit for Use in Your Engineering Major

Transfer Credit PetitionsDepartmental and School of Engineering

While it is not necessary to petition to use AP, IB, or A-Level credit for your engineering program, you do need to have the credit signed off when you declare (or at latest the quarter prior to graduation; see the AP CREDIT page for detail.

Note that relying on transfer credit taken during your final quarter can present problems of timing: It is very common for transfer transcripts to arrive too late to be processed in time for conferral deadlines, meaning graduation can be delayed. If this is your situation, confer with the Office of Student Affairs in 135 Huang for advice. 

If you want to use courses taken at another institution to meet your Engineering requirements, the transfer credit must be approved by both the University (via the Registrar's Office) AND by the School of Engineering prior to your final quarter:

  1. Petition the University: Review the Registrar's Office process and guidelines before linking to the Student eForm transfer petition on Axess.
  2. Petition the School of Engineering, prior to your final quarter, using one of the form(s) below.
  • School of Engineering Transfer Petition Form (Word): (pdf version)Transfer credit petitions involving Math, Science, Technology in Society(see #3 below), and/or Fundamentals courses require approval by the Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs; turn in your petition in 135 Huang.
  • Departmental Transfer Petition Form: Transfer credit petitions involving Depth courses require approval by your Major Advisor or Departmental Advisor; you are advised to check with your major departmental Student Services office for guidance.


    To have your math, science, TiS, or Engineering Fundamentals transfer credit request processed and approved:

  1. Fill out the petition form
  2. Attach a completed Program Sheet, a copy of the course description (taken from the other institution's syllabus/course catalog), and your current Stanford transcript (unofficial Axess copies are fine).
  3. Scan completed documents to the School of Engineering Office of Student Affairs:
  4. Once you have completed the course and the transfer credit has been recorded on your SU transcript, notify Darlene so she can verify the transfer and complete the SoE process.

For Transfer Pre-Approval: Fill out the appropriate petition above and check the Preapproval box in the upper right corner of the form. Preapproval is recommended for any course you propose to take for your SoE major to ensure the course is equivalent to the requirement you want to replace.

Be sure to have completely filled out the petition form and your program sheet prior to handing them in (your program sheet does not need signatures for a petition).

To reiterate, a complete package will include:

  • Completed petition form
  • Completed program sheet
  • Course descriptions from other institutions
  • Current unofficial Stanford Transcripts
  • For pre-approval, check "pre-approval" box on the form
  • Note: Incomplete packages will delay and complicate the petition process.

Pre-Appproval for Transfer Credit 

It is advisable for students planning to take courses outside of Stanford to file a Transfer petition in advance of enrolling for the course(s). This Pre-Approval process ensures that any course you take can be used at Stanford to fulfill program requirements. Just as in filing the usual Transfer Credit Petition (see directions above), it is best to get pre-approval at both the University and School of Engineering/Departmental level. Once you have received pre-approval, the only remaining step is to have your transfer transcript sent to SU showing completion of your course with a grade of C- or better. See above or the transfer petition form for complete instructions

GERs: Information regarding courses that have been certified to fulfill the General Education Requirements, and regarding a student's status in meeting these requirements, is available at the Student Services Center. Course planning and advising questions related to the General Education Requirements should be directed to Undergraduate Advising and Research.