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Stanford Engineering Quad

Exploring Engineering

Not sure what your path is yet? Try our Roadmap to explore Stanford’s STEM majors.

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Undergraduate Engineering Programs

ENGR 1: Want to Be an Engineer? see below for more

News: The Product Design major has changed to the Design major in 2022-23 -- see detail on the Major page and on the Design program sheets

Graduation: How to Prepare -- read it before you need it!

Engineering Student

Prospective Students

Learn about ways to explore engineering topics as an enrolled student at Stanford, as well as find links to the School of Engineering departments and summer programs open to high school or other non-matriculated students.

Courses & Majors

Engineering lecture with students

STEM Roadmap to Your First Year A simple guide for course selection for incoming undergraduate prospective engineers and scientists

ENGR 1: Want to Be an Engineer?

This Autumn quarter, 1-unit course is for incoming students who may want to major in STEM. Each week a panel of faculty from STEM majors in the School of Engineering, the School of Humanities & Sciences, and Stanford Earth will present with the goal of helping you discover if their field is right for you.

Choosing Introductory CS Courses in 2022-23: A Short Presentation

Lists of math, science, TiS, & Fundamentals courses for 2022-23 are on the Approved Courses page under the Courses tab. Major Programs are now updated for 2022-23; also find all engineering major and minor program requirements in alpha order at Explore Degrees .

Summer Opportunities

Stanford students can check out ways to spend summer doing research with faculty (Research Experience for Undergraduates), go abroad via Bing Overseas Study programs, or check BEAM for summer internships and jobs.

Student Group Funding

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Does your student group need funding for an activity that benefits the School of Engineering community or furthers the goals of your engineering association? The SoE accepts applications to assist engineering student groups with limited funding. Apply for Student Group Funding

Overseas Opportunities

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Roughly half of all engineering undergraduate students take advantage of at least one overseas program opportunity while completing their bachelor’s degrees. Finding time for such an experience will take some advance planning, but it is well worth the effort. These opportunities will certainly be a highlight of your time at Stanford.