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AP Credit 2022-23

Scroll down to see AP and IB tables. For more detail on AP, IB, or A-Level credit, check the Bulletin site.

To apply AP (or IB or A-Level) credit to your School of Engineering major, email (or bring into 135 Huang) your program sheet and SU transcript to Darlene Lazar at She will confirm the credit that can be applied to your SoE program and forward this information to your major department via email, copying you.

If you want to use AP Physics C credit for PHYSICS 41 and/or 43 credit (and are entering 2020 or after) you must also provide AP Board scores (only a score of 5 on the Mechanics or E&M test is equivalent to 41 or 43). The transcript will show 4 units of credit in either case, so we need the board scores to distinguish between the algebra- and calculus-based credit.

The Dean's Office of Student Affairs in 135 Huang must confirm/sign off on the credit, preferably when you declare your major. Your SU transcript will show units of AP, etc. credit just under the top heading to the left. If your transcript does NOT show AP credit, you will need to send a Service-Now ticket to the Registrar, or visit the Student Services Center in Tresidder Union to have the units applied.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything regarding these or any other requirements, feel free to email Darlene.

AP for Engineering Majors

Advanced Placement (AP) credits apply toward both the university 180-unit requirement and the School of Engineering requirements in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science (see the SoE-approval process below). 

10 units AP BC, with placement into MATH 51/CME 100, is equivalent to MATH 19/20/21 and acceptable in any engineering major. If 6-8 units AP or IB credit are given on the SU transcript, this gives credit for MATH 19/20, and Math 21 must be taken (21 may not be skipped using Math Diagnostic Placement results).

AP credits can be applied only if the parallel Stanford courses are skipped. For example, if a student received 10 units of AP BC mathematics credit and then enrolls in any of MATH 19, 20 or 21, the corresponding units will be removed from AP; to apply all 10 AP units at Stanford, the first mathematics course taken must be beyond the MATH 20 series, typically MATH 51 or CME 100 (must be placed into these by taking the Math Diagnostic prior to autumn enrollment). 

AP credits in Chemistry and Physics are accepted as satisfying School of Engineering Science requirements as indicated in the chart below. Note that AP Physics C with a score of 5 counts toward the Physics 40 series, a score of 4 or AP Physics 1+2 applies only to the non-calculus-based Physics 20 series (only CS and MS&E programs accept this credit toward satisfying the science requirement). See the Stanford Bulletin AP Chart for further detail on AP policy. Duplicate Credits: AP credits in both PHYSICS 1+2 and PHYSICS C tests will not be allowed as they are considered duplicative; the student must choose which credits are most advantageous for their program and ask the Registrar to record that score.

For Stanford policy on A-Levels, French Baccalaureate, German Abitur see the Stanford Bulletin General Certification page.

Approval Process

To receive approval for math, science, and/or CS AP credits toward your School of Engineering major, scan your Program Sheet and a copy of your unofficial SU transcript to (for Physics 41 or 43 credit, must also provide AP Board scores if entering Stanford in 2020 or after). Approval of Advanced Placement will be checked against what the Registrar's Office has recorded on your SU transcript, and will be confirmed via email to you (and if you are declared, to the student services contact in your major department). If your transcript does not reflect the AP or other credit you think you should have, file a S-NOW ticket directed at the Registrar's Office.

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit can be applied toward requirements in your School of Engineering major program as follows:

AP Scores and Placement 2022-23

Calculus AB5MATH 21, or MATH 51 OR CME 100 if Math Placement exam allows6
Calculus BC5MATH 51 OR CME 100 if Math Placement exam allows10
Calculus BC4MATH 21, or MATH 51 OR CME 100 if Math Placement exam allows6
Chemistry4CHEM 31M or placement via Chemistry Diagnostic5
Chemistry5CHEM 33 or placement via Chemistry Diagnostic10
Computer Science Principles4,5CS 106A5
Computer Science A4,5CS 106B (or 106X, now offered as CS 106B + 106M)5
Physics C Mechanics only5Might replace PHYSICS 41 or 21: For placement, take Physics Diagnostic4
Physics C Mechanics only4Same as PHYSICS 21. For placement, take Physics Diagnostic4
Physics C E&M only5Might replace PHYSICS 43 or 23: For placement, take Physics Diagnositc4
Physics C E&M only4Same as PHYSICS 23. For placement, take Physics Diagnostic4
Physics C Both Parts5Might replace PHYSICS 41 & 43: for placement, take Physics Diagnostic8
Physics C Both Parts4Same as PHYSICS 21 & 23; take Physics Diagnostic for placement  8
Physics 1 & 2* Both parts9, 10PHYSICS 25 take Physics Diagnostic for placement8
Physics 1 & 2* Both parts8PHYSICS 23 take Physics Diagnostic for placement4


Note: *Starting for freshmen entering Stanford in 2016-17, Stanford accepts PHYSICS 1 and 2; this rule is not retroactive to previous years. Students must have taken both PHYSICS 1 and 2 to receive credit along with scoring a minimum of 4 on each exam. The standard rules apply such that students cannot receive credit for multiple exams taken within the same subject. The best score and or unit rate is applied to the transcript for Physics. If a student wants to have a certain Physics exam reflected on the transcript, s/he should contact the Student Services Center.

IB Scores and Placement 2022-23

Stanford also awards advanced placement credit for certain International Baccalaureate (IB) and international advanced placement subject exams. Note that IB, GCE and A-Level Physics is equivalent to the 20-series, not to the calculus-based 40-series that is required for most School of Engineering majors (only CS and MS&E programs accept the 20-series as satisfying the physics science requirement). However, if you have taken a Math examination that includes mechanics with calculus, you may request the Physics Department grant you equivalence for Physics 41.

To request Physics 41 equivalence, you must provide
• your Stanford transcript showing the units granted by the Stanford Registrar;
• transcript from your international examination indicating the course and score;
• the examination syllabus, or the URL for the syllabus.
Email this information to Elva Carbajal, Student Services Officer in the Physics Department. You will be notified by email either of a decision, or if an in-person meeting is required.

For detail and Stanford policy on IB, see the IB Chart in Explore Degrees

Test Subject   ScorePlacementQtr Units
Chemistry         5CHEM 33 or higher (take Chemistry Placement Diagnostic)    10
Computer Science         5CS 106B      5
Mathematics         6 or higher. HL exam taken Nov 2020 or earlierMATH 51 or CME 100 (take Math Diagnostic for placement)    10
Mathematics: Analysis & Approaches*         6 or higher. HL exam taken from 5/21 and laterMATH 21 (take Math Diagnostic for placement)     6
Physics      6 or higherPHYSICS 25; for placement, take Physics Diagnostic8
Physics         5PHYSICS 23/25; for placement, take Physics Diagnostic     4